Floating Chemical Dispenser for Pool or Spa

Floating Chemical Dispenser for Pool or Spa



 Floating Chemical Dispenser

Floating chemical dispenser can be used for chlorine or bromine and has a locking cap to secure the chemical. Dispenser is filled with foam to keep it a float, and it will hold six 3 in. tablets.


  • Linear polyethylene construction and foam filled for added buoyancy.
  • Twist lock cap and adjustable control ring.
  • Holds six 3 in. or 3 lbs. of 1 in. tablets
  • For use with Bromine or slow dissolving Trichlor tablets


For cap removal or replacing, align notch In cap with the 2 lines on body.

1. To unlock and remove cap, twist counter clockwise (see arrow on lid).

2. Fill dispenser with 1″ or 3″ trichlor or bromine tablets. (NEVER MIX CHEMICALS) See warning on top of dispenser.

3. Replace cap by turning clockwise (see arrow on lid) until cap clicks into full lock position.

4. Adjust feed rate by turning bottom collar. The larger the opening the greater the feed rate. Some experimentation may be required to achieve desired result.

Note: This is not a toy. Recommended that dispenser be removed when pool is in use by children or a heavy bather load. If Cap is not locked securely and dispenser tips over, tablets can fall out and bleach pool surface.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
Item name

Chemical Floater



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