Pool Mastic

Pool mastic is what forms the seal in the expansion joint in between the pool coping and the pool decking. Pool mastic last on average 5-7 years before it starts to crack and peel away. 

The job of pool mastic is to prevent ongoing problems caused by water getting in this expansion joint. Pool Mastic also prevents weeds from growing in the joint. 

Without pool mastic, rain water and pool water flows into this expansion joint and can wash out an area under the deck and cause a structure issue. Water can get under the coping and cause damage to the pool structure, the pool coping, and/or the tile.

If you have cracked or missing pool mastic, addressing it now will only save you money in the long term. Call us today, 817-565-0052 to get a free quote! 


tan pool mastic with sand next to pebble deck and white stone coping